How we got here

Our Story

  • Fall 2014

    It all started with a frisbee. They were both on the Juniata College Ultimate team, and they didn’t even know each other’s names until Allison threw a frisbee at Gordon. After a few weeks of talking, Gordon finally asked Allison on a date to the local coffee shop. It was just your average coffee-shop-date until Gordon asked Allison if she felt up for an adventure in the snow... which Allison said yes to, of course. They drove into the woods and Gordon led Allison to a special place he had dug out of the snow earlier that day with dry firewood and s’mores. It was the sweetest and best date Allison had ever had, and that’s when she knew this guy was special.

  • Summer 2015

    After just a few months of dating, Allison and Gordon spent their summer breaks apart: Allison was in Italy, and Gordon in Peru. What kept them motivated was the week-long vacation in the Adirondacks waiting for them as soon as they got back in August, where Gordon helped Allison catch her very first fish!

  • Spring 2016

    Another year passed at Juniata, and Allison transferred to Messiah College. Luckily, the previous summer apart had prepared them for the long-distance to come. No matter the distance or reason, Gordon and Allison always made adventuring together a priority.

  • Summer 2017

    All of the adventures and time apart made Allison and Gordon more certain than ever that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, so Gordon bought a ring. He took Allison frisbee golfing, and after a great game, Gordon got down on one knee... and the rest is history.

The Big Day

Wedding Events


4:00 PM Saturday July 28, 2018
Walker’s Overlook 8939 Woodsboro Pike Walkersville, MD

Reception to follow.

Wedding Party

Best Man

Brent Dimmig

Brent is one of Gordon’s older brothers. Being only two years younger, Gordon always looked to Brent for advice for things as small as elementary school projects to important decisions like college choices and business startups. Brent has always generously offered to help with Gordon’s photography website using his skills with computers and web design. In all of his endeavors, Brent was persistent until he mastered each skill, and he has always expected a similar level of effort from Gordon. Brent’s constant support and encouragement has given Gordon the drive to pursue all of his passions. Brent now works as a computer engineer for Ring, and lives in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania with his wife Olivia.

Maid of Honor

Lynda Reed

Allison’s youngest sister, Lynda, is an amazing athlete, especially when it comes to playing center-mid on the soccer field. She had the opportunity to play soccer all over Europe while her dad was stationed in Sicily through the U.S. Navy, and won the MVP, all region, all Europe, and all tournament soccer awards throughout her time there. She is also passionate about taking care of others, which inspired her to pursue a nursing degree at Messiah College, where she is currently a sophomore.


Brandon Dimmig

Brandon is Gordon’s oldest brother and the leader of the pack. Ever since the Dimmig boys could walk, Brandon has led the way... whether making tree forts in the backyard, dirtbiking, or pursuing his dreams. His confidence got him a job working on Brad Paisley’s guitars and being voted president of the rocket team at Vanderbilt. He is currently a mechanical engineer in Norfolk, VA where he lives with his wife Clair.


Kelly Reed

Kelly is Allison’s older sister. Her love for farms and natural beauty is one of a kind, and she could not be happier living in the rolling farmlands of Ohio with her husband Levi and Allison’s soon-to-be nephew, James! She is the proud owner of a successful Etsy shop, and is soon working with her husband to restore a 1900s house for her growing family.

Wendell Baer

Wendell and Gordon have been adventuring together since they were kindergarteners. Their childhood days were spent gallivanting through the woods in their backyards and biking to the Susquehanna River for long days of fishing. Eventually their adventurous pursuits multiplied into exploring the backwoods of Pennsylvania and journeying across the country into the depths of Montana’s wilderness. Despite the fact that Wendell currently lives in Montana, the rare times they get to spend together fly fishing on warm summer nights always churn up the plethora of memories they’ve made together.

Sam Feenstra

Sam is one of the first friends Allison made at Messiah College, and their friendship quickly became the forever kind. They were an instant match, and never stop laughing when they're together. Sam loves Jesus, Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and spontaneous adventures. She can usually be found running on Messiah's fit trail, at a coffee shop, or laughing with Allison.

Johnny Reese

Johnny and Gordon are cousins but share a brotherly bond. Although time spent together is rare and often brief, they make every moment count, and usually stay up way too late to talk or to play cards with Grandma. Johnny’s craziness and enthusiasm is a never-ending source of tons of laughter and unforgettable stories. He is currently a statistics major at the University of Alabama and a very loyal sports fan... “Roll Tide!”

Anna Evanek

Anna and Allison grew close during Allison's first year at Messiah, and Anna has been an amazing friend and sister in Christ to Allison since then. She and Allison were orientation leaders together this past Fall, which they would absolutely do again. They currently live together along with Sam and two of Allison's other good friends. Anna is a talented artist and creative thinker. She is pursuing a degree in public relations and hopes to become a wedding planner after she graduates this Spring! Anna is always up for anything, which makes her and Allison a perfect match.

Ethan Miller

Ethan is a childhood friend that Gordon has known since elementary school when they ruled the back of the bus together. Although they remained friends throughout high school, it wasn’t until their senior year road trip to the Northwest that they became friends in the truest sense...When they learned to fly fish together in Montana’s backcountry (under the direction of the fly fish master, Wendell). Ever since then, when Ethan and Gordon get together they’re usually accompanied by the cast of a fly line or a late-night campfire.

Elise Green

Elise has been there for Allison since the first day of second grade when Allison moved to Maryland. This year will be their fourteenth year of friendship, and it won't stop there! Allison and Elise grew up playing board games and bananagrams in Elise's sunroom, running cross country, taking painting classes, and biking to the nearest Starbucks for frappuccinos. Elise will always have a special place in Allison's heart. She is pursuing a degree in Engineering at the University of Maryland and will be graduating this Spring.

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